There are many differences for our Harrisburg / Philadelphia PA patients the choices in procedures to have to correct their prescriptions. Over the years laser vsion correction has now superceded over the older RK procedure but still with some surgeons in the Philadelphia / Harrisburg PA region still perfeorming the older RK procedure. The following is what our Philadelphia ? harrisburg PA patients should know about both procedures about surgeons who provide these correction procedures to their area.
Weakening of the cornea of RK cann occur over time to some of our Harrisburg / Philadelphia Ptients who had RK who present to our office often with blurry vision. Dr. Columbus never performed RK on his patients and often adopts these frustrated individuals from the Harrisburg / Philadelphia PA area who had prior RK from other surgeons in the region. The reason for the weakening is that fact the RK cuts used to correct one’s vision are so deep and penetrating to the cornea the biomechanics & integrity of the strenght of the eye is damaged.
iSome of our RK patients we aquire from other surgeons performing RK in the Philadelphia / Harrisburg PA region have cornea instability of the cornea over time. Most of our Harrisburg / Philadelphia patients we aquire with having older RK eventually become farsightedness over time many years after having their older RK procedure inn the past. Many of them often decide to have LASIK or PRK to have their vision corrected by our expert surgeon Dr. Columbus and now enjoy STABLE and clear vision over their remaining years to come!go farsighted after 15-20 years needing glasses or LASIK to fix problem
With RK there is a Risk of trauma or rupture of the eye from the deep cuts that never heal strong enough to perform this. Most of our RK patients we aquire from other surgeons in the PHiladelphia / Harrisburg PA area now have this concern. Dr. Columbus advises these patients to wear sunglasses during the day or protective goggles during sports or contact related activities to avoid direct trauma to the eye which may  make them suseptible to a cornea rupture. With Dr. Columbus’s patients from Philadelphia / harrisburg PA who had LASIK or PRK are NEVER AT RISK for a corneal rupture from trauma to their new eyes. The reason for this the surgery is performed on the outer surface of the cornea and never penetrates to the deeper part or back surface of the eye unlike the RK procedure where it does.
more risks than LASIK such as perforation of the the eye whereas LASIK is safer as the surgery is at the outer superficial layer of the cornea and never can go too deep to perforate the eye.
With RK one ismore likely to need a second treatment. Dr Columbus often aquires patients from Harrisburg / Philadelphia patients who had prior RK many years ago performed by other surgeon in their areas who now want their eyes fixed with LASIK /PRK for their blurriness. With Laser vsion correction the accuracy is superiorly more accurate than the older blade cut technique. This less need for a second tretment makes thousands of our Harriburg / Philadelphia PA happy as they mostly needed only one treatment to enjoy their clear and new vision without glasses!
Our Philadelphia ? Harrisburg PA patients achieve sharper and clearer visions than most RK patients do. Most RK patients cannot get ever 20/20 despite how many cuts done multiple times with multiple surgeries wheras LASIK get it RIGHT THE FIRST TIME AND ONLY TIME achieving 20/20 in almost all Harrisburg / Philadelphia PA patients!