Many of our Manhattan patients have laser vision correction with the latest generation of laser technologies on the market. Most Manhattan LASIK patients prefer having Wavefront laser vision correction. With wavefront technology, most of our Manhattan LASIK patients get crisp and clear 20/20 visions!. Most of our Manhattan NY patients often describe their vision to be sharper than ever. Also our wavefont Manhattan NY LASIK patients experience an incredible improvement in their nighttime visions. Some of the Manhattan LASIK patients say there night time vision is higher quality then their previous vision with contact lenses. Some of our Manhattan NY patients describe their vision as “high definition” also our wavefront Manhattan NY patients may also experience less chances of glare due to wavefront lasers treating ones vision correction with the latest laser beam technology called “flying spot”. Wavefront may also improve ones pre-existing glare from glasses and contact lenses and may actually improve or eliminate their glare after LASIK. Many of our Manhattan NY patients are happy with their new quality og vision thanks to wavefront laser technology!