A new procedure just FDA approved may rid one of reading glasses forever! This new technology called cornea inlays may be the best and safest procedure in vision corrective eye surgery. For the past twenty years, laser vision corrections has been for correcting one’s blurriness for distance disorders of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. At this time there is no official reading surgery with laser vision correction. With the advent of cornea inlays one may now have the potential to see clearly at close with no more aging problems with reading glasses. Presbyopia is the medical definition caused by the blurriness caused with aging for reading. The blurriness usually starts in the forties and worsens as one gets older in life. Now with laser vision correction some are doing monovision LASIK where no dominant eye is for distance and the non-dominant eye for reading. The downfall of monovision is some people cannot adapt to the imbalance of vision. sometimes loss of depth perception, or just cant tolerate the vision. With corneal inlays, surgery is done in one eye where a LASIK flap is made in the non-dominant eye and a magnifier lens is put over the flap on the central axis of the pupil. One can see with near clearly and not lose the distance vision in that eye like monovision LASIK. the proceure is very safe only four minutes to perform. The results are long lasting and permanent. Patients have a graeat satisfaction in their new vision for reading! We will be offering this technology in the future once made available on the market.