The aging problem called presbyopia effects millions of people worldwide. Most need visual aides to correct their near vision to see clearly for close up to correct one’s near vision. The near blurriness usually starts 40’s years of age and worsens with age. There are several methods with surgery to resolve the need for reading glasses. One is performing monovision LASIK where the dominant eye is for distance and the non-domiant eye for near vision. This also can be achieved with intraocular lens implants like cataract surgery where bifocal lenses are placed in the eye. Now available are corneal inlays where a magnifier lens is put over the pupil center under a LASIK flap in the non-dominant eye. Lastly in Europe they are working on bifocal laser vision correction procedures not yet in the USA. These treatments are safe, efficacious with little side effects. Most are happy with their new found reading vision thanks to these procedures!