Many of our Manhattan NYC patients are excited to have the latest laser vision correction called wavefront procedures. Our Manhattan NYC patients mostly to have wavefront due not only to it’s popularity but also due to its effectiveness and efficacy to get the sharpest visions with LASI> Most of our Manhattan patients now see clearly at 20/20 with a wavefront procedure. A fair majority of our LASIK Manhattan NYC patients also see better than perfect at 20/15 levels of vision. At this range of sharpness, most of our Manhattan LASIK patients say their vision is the sharpest than ever and clearer than their old glass and contact lens visions. Our Manhattan NYC patients also describe a higher quality of vision unlike older conventional laser treatments available. Our Manhattan NYC patients often describe their vision to be “high definition” and more colorful than ever before! It is amazing the visions our wavefront Manhattan NYC patients obtain with this latest generation of laser technologies.