The Kamra Inlay is a revolutionary procedure just recently approved for the correction of the aging problem called presbyopia. Presbyopia causes blurry vision with onset usually in the 40 age range and progresses over the years. One depends on reading glasses to restore their near vision. With the Kamra inlay it is a safe and effective way to reduce or eliminate one’s dependency on reading glasses. the procedure is fast only 4 minutes! a magnifier lens is placed within a pocket groove channel in the cornea and centered over the pupil. The Kamra lens has a tiny pinhole in the center of the lens over the pupil. The pinhole effect allows one to see all ranges from distance to near as the other eye sees distance only. We may be offering this technology in the future as it becomes more widely used in the USA market within the next couple of years. We are always evolving to provide the latest technologies for all our patients!