The karma corneal inlay is breakthrough technology just FDA approved for the treatment of presbyopia or the aging blur for close up. It can eliminate or reduce one’s dependence on reading glasses forever. The procedure works by implanting a small round lens in a pocket groove in the cornea. The lens is the placed in the pocket groove and slid under to the center of the pupil. The procedure is very safe with hardly if not at all any complications. The Kamra inlay improves one’s near vision by making a “PINHOLE” aperature like a camera for one to see through. The pinhole aperature allows one to see close up as well as for intermediate and distance. The procedure only takes place in the single non-dominant eye with the dominant eye seeing for distance only. There are hardly any side effects. The results are outstanding with the Kamra inlay with many happy patients. WE may be providing this technology in the future when more readily available in the USA