The raindrop corneal inlay is a new procedure to correct reading vision disorders. With this technology, it will reduce or eliminate one’s dependency on reading glasses. The aging reading problem is called presbyopia and onset in 40’s ages and worsens as one gets older. With this procedure most patients are happy with their new found freedom from reading glasses! the procedure is fast and easy taking only 4 minutes to perform. With the first step, a laser flap is made like LASIK. Then the raindrop 3mm diameter inlay is placed over the pupil center and finally the LASIK flap is put over the top and dried into position. The results are amazing by the new corneal curvature becoming more “hyper-prolate” or steeper in the center of the visual axis of vision. This steepened central axis creates a “TRIFOCAL” effect where one can see not only distance, but also intermediate and near clearly as well! The procedure is safe with minimal side effects. We will be offering this technology to our patients when it becomes available in the United States. We are always evolving to obtain the latest technologies for all our patients.