Etiology of Presbyopia & Treatment Options

The aging problem called presbyopia effects millions of people worldwide. Most need visual aides to correct their near vision to see clearly for close up to correct one’s near vision. The near blurriness usually starts

“High Definition” Vision with Wavefront LASIK

Many of our Manhattan NYC patients are excited to have the latest laser vision correction called wavefront procedures. Our Manhattan NYC patients mostly to have wavefront due not only to it’s popularity but also due

The Raindrop Corneal Inlay: How it Works

The raindrop corneal inlay is a new procedure to correct reading vision disorders. With this technology, it will reduce or eliminate one’s dependency on reading glasses. The aging reading problem is called presbyopia and onset

The Kamra Corneal Inlay for Reading: How it Works

The karma corneal inlay is breakthrough technology just FDA approved for the treatment of presbyopia or the aging blur for close up. It can eliminate or reduce one’s dependence on reading glasses forever. The procedure

The Quality of Nighttime Vision with Wavefront LASIK

Many of our Manhattan patients have laser vision correction with the latest generation of laser technologies on the market. Most Manhattan LASIK patients prefer having Wavefront laser vision correction. With wavefront technology, most of our