Custom LASIK


Custom LASIK excimer technology evolved in the late 1990″s revolutionizing laser vision correction. Older procedures simply reshaped eyes based on current prescriptions—which meant that everyone with the same prescription received the same treatment, ignoring key attributes. However, Laser Vision Correction with the WaveLight system uses advanced technology to generate a “map” of each unique eye, enabling your surgeon to perform a more personalized and more effective procedure. This personalized treatment specific for one’s eye results in better visions & outcomes for our Manhattan, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, & Wilkes-Barre PA patients than older laser technology.

Also Custom LASIK takes a picture of one’s cornea to look for higher order aberrations or glare points that may cause glare or halo if not treated for with the procedure. Custom LASIK utilizes a program that treats the higher order aberrations during treatment to significantly reduce the risk of glare as a side effect after surgery. There is less percentage of glare as a side effect versus traditional LASIK which does not treat aberrations with the procedure. Also a higher percentage achieve 20/15 better than perfect vision versus older laser traditional LASIK treatments. We use the latest generation of Custom LASIK laser technology providing excellent vision for our patients! Dr. Columbus has been performing Custom LASIK on most of his patients from Manhattan, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, & Wilkes-Barre PA.