At Columbus Lasik Vision Centers in Manhattan, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Wilkes-Barre PA, we NOW offer the most revolutionized breakthrough technology called Lahayesik! We are the only LASIK Center in the Tristate Region offering this technology to our patients. Our committment to using the latest devices and surgical equipment is unsurpassed. With Lahayeskik, the surgeon is able to keep the surgical procedure clear of all contaminants during surgery resulting in less post-surgical complications such as inflammation, infection and LASIK flap striae. Our Manhattan, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, & Wilkes-Barre PA patients also get sharper visions as it evacuates the laser plume that may interfere with the downcoming laser treatment during surgery.  The need for second treatments rate is reduced from 5-10% to 2-5%. To learn more about Lahayesik contact our centers or watch the video below

Lahayesik Video