Laser Technologies

At Columbus Lasik Vision Centers we offer the MOST advanced laser technologies and surgical equipment to get the BEST visions possible for ALL our Manhattan, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, & Wilkes-Barre PA patients! With Traditional LASIK we utilize the NIDEK EC 5000 excimer laser with its patented laser beam “scanning slit” technology that delivers remarkable levels of vision for our patients. For our Custom & Wavefront procedures, we use the latest & newest excimer laser the Allegretto Wavelight system. With its patented laser beam “flying spot” technology, it delivers the MOST outstanding results, faster treatment times and less risk for glare or halo. We are also the ONLY Lasik Center in the TRi-State performing Lahayesik which is used in conjunction with the LASIK procedure resulting in better and clearer vision and less post operative complications. To learn more about our technology offered at our Manhattan, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, & Wilkes-Barre PA laser centers, visit our pages below