ALL Inclusive Pricing!

The LASIK cost and price varies with each laser center. We offer the same technology or better than other $5000 to $6000 LASIK centers with affordable prices. Your LASIK cost and price to us includes first treatment and enhancements within the first year, initial consultation and exams within first year. There are No hidden costs or fees. We have ONE Single price for ALL prescriptions unlike other LASIK centers that have multiple increasing prices based upon your prescription! We make the LASIK cost and price affordable to our patients as we have no middle fees such as co-management with another doctor and by owning our own equipment. Without these extra expenses we can make the LASIK cost and price VERY affordable therefore passing on the savings to all our Manhattan, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, & Wilkes-Barre PA patients. We offer premier quality LASIK at an affordable cost and price!