Over the the many years doing laser vision, we have seen the reactions of thousands of our Manhattan, Philadelphia, Wilkes-Barre, Harrisburg PA patients raving about their FREEDOM from glasses and contact lenses! From “high definition” vision, waking up in the morning without a blur, enjoying sports and activities without visual aides, LASIK is a “lifestyle changer” for many of our patients. We have thousands of stories to tell, but we have shared some in our review & video pages below to take a look what you may also say too after your laser vision correction!


I was Dr Columbus’s first Custom LASIK patient as I had glare and halo before surgery with contact lenses and he said this would be the best laser to minimize it from worsening. In fact itimproved after Custom LASIK with less glare where i feel safer driving at nightwithout oncoming headlights bothering my vision. Ihighly recommend Dr Columbus as he always watches out for the patients best interest!
Emily G


My vision is so much sharper & clearer than my glasses with Wavefront LASIK and thanks to Dr. Columbus. Wavefront LASIK has been I life style changer. I describe my Wavefront LASIK vision as “high definition” it is so amazingly clear! I am so happy I got wavefront LASIK done as its so easy & the best decision I made in my life. I dont know why I waited so long. My husband also had LASIK for his state trooper police work and he feels so much safer at night in assault & crime scenes. Thank you Dr Columbus for changing both of our lives. Excellent job!
Amy L


I saw Dr Columbus for a consultation as my optometrist said I was not a candiatle for laser vision correction as my prescription was too high. My friends who had laser vision correction by Dr Columbus told me to see him for a second opinion to see if I was a candidate. He was very knowledgable about the different procedures to correct my vision. He told me I wasn’t a candidate for LASIK due to my high prescription but I was definetly an excellent candidate for the PRK procedure to fix my eyes. I chose wavefront PRK to obtain the best vision and avoid glare as a side effect I now love my vision it is better than perfect 20/15 vision and I can now see clearer than my contact lenses. I have been wearing glasses & contact lenses as early 6 years old and thought I could never get laser surgery done. I am so happy I saw Dr. Columbus as my friends suggested and thank him changing my life!
Georgine M.


I have the privelege to work with my son, Dr. Columbus for the past 16 years. I have seen him transform the lives of thousands of his patients with clearer vision. I entruste mylaser vision correction procedure to my eyes due to his vast experience as well as training. I wore trifocals and no longer need glasses for distance ,intermediate, and near! Wow its so amazing what my son can do. 20 of his family members had LASIK by my son and now enjoy clear vsion because of my sons expertise.
Frances Columbus


I had wavefront LASIK By Dr. Columbus. I have known Dr. Columbus for many years and know him very well personally as he is my dearest and best friend over the past 10 years. Knowing him during this time not only as a friend but himself as a professional LASIK surgeon I ONLY entrusted my eyes to him for my surgery. I never wore glasses since childhood and always had clear vision until my vision started to get blurry and worsened to the point it was affecting my vision to drive my car safely. I didnt want glasses as I never wore them and did not want the hassles of contact lenses so I did LASIK to improve my vision. I chose my friend, Dr Bill, for his excellent reputation experience & knowledge in Laser vision correction. I felt more comfortable with him performing my LASIK as I know he did 20 of his family members and even his mother with LASIK who are VERY HAPPY with their NEWLY founded visions! Thanks to my friend, Dr columbus gave me the gift of clear vision and is sharper more than EVER MY ENTIRE LIFE! Thanks Bill for giving me the gift of CLEAR VISION without glasses or contact lenses!
Jennifer V!


I am a personal friend of Dr Columbus. I trusted him as he did many of his family members and mother. He is very compassionate and caring to me when I had mywavfront LASIK procedure. I love my new clear vision thanks to my dear friend. Thank you Bill for the gift of new sight without glasses & contact lenses!
Maria B.


I was one of Dr Columbus’s first patients. At that time I had Traditional LASIK. At that time I needed bifocals. Dr Columbus performed monovision surgery and now I can see both clear far and near without bifocals! I love my results and have been recommending Dr Columbus to all my family and friends over the past 16 years. Thank you Dr. Columbus for a job well done!
Kurt P.