Wavefront LASIK


Wavefront LASIK excimer technology is the newest and latest technolgy we offer to our Manhattan, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Wilkes Barre PA patients. It has meticulous precision and faster treatment times by 50% than Custom & Traditional LASIK. Using its patented laser “flying spot” technology over 98% obtain 20/20 vision and 50% obtain 20/1`5 better than perfect vision. Many of our Wavefront LASIK patients describe their vision to be “high definition” and clearer than their glasses!

Watch the “flying Spot”

Wavefront Laser in Action!

Wavefront LASIK excimer technology is best laser to reduce the chance of glare or halo as a side effect with its peripheral laser treatment which Custom & Traditional LASIK treatments do not do. (see diagram below) One of factors contributing to glare with older laser technology is the peripheral upslope of the laser treatment ablation causing glare or halo. With Traditional and Custom treatments the central cornea is flattened and to the periphery there is an upslope called the transition zone. The transition zone upslope can cause glare or halo..With Wavefront technology, laser is applied to the peripheral cornea & removes tissue to make the peripheral end of laser treatment flatter & less steep. This flatter peripheral curvature reshaping done only by Wavefront lasers helps treat and reduce risk of glare and halo & improve glare versus other laser technologies & thus giving better quality of vision at night.


Smaller Laser Beam

The Allegretto Wavelight Laser used for Wavefront Optimized Lasik laser surgery for eyes is one of the most advanced excimer laser equipment on the market. This machine uses a 0.9mm diameter “flying spot” laser beam that is much smaller than older laser models. This equipment operates at 400 hertz allowing Dr. Columbus to provide quicker surgeries and more precise results compared to older Lasik technologies. This finer beam means that complications are reduced and healing time is much faster for patients.

Eye Tracking Technology

Older Lasik machinery requires the surgeon to stop the procedure if a patient moves their eye during the procedure. The laser would then need to be centered before the surgery proceeds. The Allegretto Wavefront Optimized Laser tracks the movement of the pupil and continuously operates even when the eye is moved. This advanced equipment lets Dr. Columbus provides faster treatments because there is no stopping and restarting during the surgery. This gives Wilkes-Barre, Harrisburg, Manhattan and Philadelphia patients a more accurate result with fewer chances for an retreatment or enhancement.

The Benefits Of Wavefront Technology

  • Over 98 percent of patients achieve 20/20 vision
  • 50 to 75 percent of patients reach 20/15 visual acuity
  • Patients requiring a second procedure is reduced from 5%-10% with older traditional treatments to 2-5% with Wavefront Optimized lasers.
  • Fewer side effects
  • Fewer complications overall
  • Crisper vision
  • Better night vision results

Dr Columbus has performed Wavefront LASIK on
Thousands of his patients from Manhattan, Philadelphia,
Harrisburg, & Wilkes-Barre PA region